Not all witches are created equal.

Get ready to meet a very unusual witch.

No cats. No broomsticks. No wands. Pure magic.

“A great story with adventure and comedic intervals. The author leaves us both spellbound and laughing in our seat.”
Book Blogger J R Main

“Original, wonderfully written and at turns light and dark. I loved it!”
author C B Moura

A sneak peek
at the books


Have you lost your lore?

Billy has. He’s loreless.

Indigenous urbanite Billy doesn’t know much about his heritage and he’s quite content to let it stay that way.

One late night out changes all that.


author Tom Lichtenberg

“This strong and compelling narrative pulls the reader along with a man who has absolutely no idea where he’s going, and it’s a journey that’s well worth taking.”

The City of Shades

Before Amsterdam there was London.

Follow Anaïs’s magical mishaps in the city of shades.

Painting a town purple was never so much fun.


Amazon reviewer Bella

“A lovely prequel to what is turning out to be a most delightful series and one of my favourites this year.”




Complicated Blue

There is no hell. There is only unfinished business.

This New Year’s Eve something shady is going on in the city of Amsterdam.

The dead walk the streets, but they are not alone.


author Helen Pryke

“A brilliantly-written book that is a delight to read, and I look forward to reading volume 2.”





The Promptuary

The witch is back.

All is not right with the universe.

What do you do when the most powerful magic you have goes haywire?


Amazon Reviewer Kimberley

“I love the descriptions that allow me to picture in my head, all that she experiences…an interesting tale that will have you turning pages to find out what’s next for Anais.”


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