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My foray into serious writing began with a poem.

A simple dedication of love.

At the time I was also interested in making music and a friend gave me a tip: anything you write, you can sing, you only need a guitar.

I taught myself a few basic guitar chords, took my poem and converted it into a song. It became the first song I ever wrote.

Since then I have written hundreds of lyrics.

Many of them became songs but many didn’t.

The writing of lyrics became my passion. I found converting them into songs as the best way to express my writing.

However the writing, much more than the music, was my focus.

Music was just a tool to convey the words.

At some stage I decided to go a step further and write a musical. I made several attempts at writing the musical but it never really came together.

About two years ago I decided to take the plunge and write something more substantial than a poem or a lyric.

I decided to write a novel.

Writing an entire book seemed daunting. It required so many words. I was used to writing very short and concise pieces. I started with a few ideas that I had, but in the end the pull of the story behind the musical was the strongest.

It wouldn’t let me go. It is now out in the world. My first novel: Loreless.


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