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Acoustic music never went down this good.

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Finding Your Voice Is A Balancing Act

In a couple of days the band will be returning to the recording studio for probably the last session this year. It’s mixing time! I have just been listening back to the first rough mixes of the recordings. We did them over six months ago during our first session in...

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Overcome Your Fear In The Recording Studio

There was a time when I was afraid of the recording studio. I thought that it would show me up for my inadequacies. I thought I wasn’t good enough. I was wrong. Studios are friendly places. They are full of like-minded people trying to create something and you, as a...

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Acting, Opportunities And The Advantages Of Persistence

I could have been an actor. It just didn't pan out that way. Life doesn't always give you the chance to take every offer that comes along. Fate hangs it tantalisingly in front of your face and then whips it out from under your nose. Then you are left with the regret...

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