Overcome Your Fear In The Recording Studio

May 19, 2016Encouragement, Inspiration, Music

There was a time when I was afraid of the recording studio. I thought that it would show me up for my inadequacies.

I thought I wasn’t good enough.

I was wrong.

Studios are friendly places.

They are full of like-minded people trying to create something and you, as a musician, are one of them.

In a studio you can make all the mistakes you like, within a certain budget, of course. You can’t go blindly in there.

You need a plan.

The plan doesn’t always work though. You have to be able to adapt. You have to take criticism and let it slide off of your shoulders.

You have to be willing to learn.

The principal purpose of recording.

With every new recording you learn something new.

Every track you lay down makes you a better musician.

Whether you like it or not, the mistakes you make are rungs in the ladder. This ladder builds up your confidence. With every step you improve. You are forced to climb. You don’t have the choice to stop.

You have to go forward and make it work.

There are all manner of people there egging you on. The mixer or producer, your fellow band members, and of course, yourself.

The fantastic thing is you learn that somewhere deep inside, you have it in you.

No is not an option in the studio.

Tonight I watched a video of myself recording a guitar track.

I had headphones on, I stood next to an amplifier blaring out at full blast.

I was playing an unfamiliar guitar, plugged into a foreign amplifier, and tuned by a stranger. I was not in control of the machinery yet I was the one steering the goddam thing.

I was taking directions.

Do this, do that, hit it this way. I did it all and was not fazed. I did what I was told.

My eyes were shut or staring at the ceiling. I was listening to the voice in my head. I was concentrating on the sound in my headphones.

I was tuned in.

It took a lot of patience.

Mainly it required doing what was necessary.

I didn’t have to do anything fancy. I didn’t have to compose a requiem. I just had to relax and play.

The directions came again and again. The tape stopped and started. It went backwards and forwards. Repeat this bit, no that’s ok, play that part once more. Yes, that was good. Now try this.

I did it all.

I let the creation be the guide. I couldn’t hear it all. I couldn’t see the big picture. I was just a small element contributing to the painting. I was a brush stroke being directed to the right position. Even the way I laid my brush on the pallet was advised.

In the end it worked.

It took some time but I got there.

Trust your guides.

Once I gave myself in to the commandments, once I trusted my guides, I hit the right notes.

It sounded fantastic. Well, it sounded ok. It worked and it did the job. Most of all, it fitted.

To say that I am satisfied with my work would be taking it too far.

I can do better, just not today. However, today I learnt how to be improve it, and that is far more important. I was able to walk away a better musician.

I had made something.

And with the help of others it was great.

I have nothing to be afraid of.

Tomorrow I will take my knowledge and make a more superior something.

I will leave my fear behind and surrender.

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