Stream Of Consciousness And Writing At The Speed Of Light

Apr 1, 2017Encouragement, Inspiration, Writing

I’m doing an experiment. I am trying to put as much down on the page as possible in the shortest amount of time. I am hoping it will also make sense and not be mindless dribble.

A lot of the blogs I write use a technique called stream of consciousness.

They are thoughts which I blurt out on what I am encountering on my writer’s journey.

I start with a theme and beat it out. Quite often I am surprised with the result.

Usually it makes sense and does not require a lot of editing.

Streaming Consciousness

Somewhere deep in my brain the words are just waiting to be released. I’m sure it’s the same for most people.

Stream of consciousness unlocks a waterfall of words which have always been there and are eager to come out.

Yesterday I discovered a new tool, an app to force me to write quicker and to elevate my word count.

The dreaded word count has always been something which bugged me. I can produce stories but not of excessive length.

From Idea To The Written Word

Before I began writing novels I wrote poetry and lyrics. Usually the muse, or whatever you want to call it, hit me.

I would get an idea or hear a word, perhaps a phrase would pop into my head, and then I would go from there.

This could happen anywhere. On a bus, in a cafe, even while riding a bike. Then I would have to stop whatever it was I was doing and search for a pen and paper.

Sometimes this meant I never wrote anything down at all.

If I lacked the necessary writing materials I would be in trouble. Usually I could lock the idea in long enough to retain enough of it to get the idea out.

With the development of the cell phone this was made easier. I can now jump in the notes app and could get it down.

I found, however, that writing lyrics this way is more difficult. Somehow they only really work if I can use pen and paper.

It could be worse, try finding a pen in outer space.

When I started writing novels I moved over to writing directly onto the computer.

I discovered that if I wrote out free-hand it would prolong the process.

So with writing novels I use a different set of tools. I do flesh out ideas by hand, but after that I use all the technology at my disposal.

The Speed of independent Publishing

There are many advantages to being independent author.

You can put out new material at a faster rate. You are managing the whole process. You are not dependent on a traditional system.

I have an editor and a cover designer. Recently I have been blessed with the help of an experienced text-formatter who helps me produce the interior of my books.

Each step in my journey as an independent writer has expanded my network.

A year ago I was only contemplating publishing. Now I have two books on the market and a third nearing completion. In that time I have built up a system.

I have most of the elements in place I need to produce books. This has freed me up to concentrate on writing. But that process also needs streamlining.

The Dreaded Word Count

Word counts have been a bit of a problem. In order to have any kind of success as an independent author you need to write fast.

Through using the word app, which tracks short spurts of writing, I have found I can churn out 170 words in five minutes.

In principle, at that rate, I can write over 2000 words an hour. This has given me a new drive and also a better overview of how long it will take me to write a novel. It also has helped reinforce belief in my own capabilities.

Now I only have to come up with a good story.

If I trust the idea behind stream of consciousness that should not be too hard. I know the words are in there somewhere.

I just have to let them out.

They will come. I have no fear of that.


How is your writing going?


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