Author Aloud: Chatting With Richard White And Stephen Pearl

May 26, 2017Books, Interviews, Writing

I recently took part in a live author chat with writers Richard White and Stephen Pearl on Authors Write Aloud.

It is the first time I have done a live streaming as an author.

The entire experience was a lot of fun

It also helped me gain further insight into how different writers create.

Chatting in Three Continents

Richard White organised the author chat and lives in Amsterdam in the United States. I, of course live in the other Amsterdam. You know the European one. Stephen Pearl hails from Canada.

Not only were we tuning in from different parts of the world, we also write in very different genres. I find myself now in the realm of Fantasy. Stephen has been putting out books for years and works in Science Fiction. Richard is writing across genres but mainly in memoir and Historical Fiction.

We did have one thing in common: writing.

A Sense of Community

The three of us are at very different stages in our careers. We also seem to be taking different approaches to the way we publish and introduce the world to our words.

One thing united us. We are all passionate about what we do.

Stephen has been writing and publishing for quite some time and in the chat he described his fictional worlds with fervour. He is clearly at one with his story world. He also had some great tips to help me with my own witch world.

Richard is a jack of all trades. Not only does he write but has a background in rodeo and the armed forces. And he is running an online radio program. Actually several of them I think. With his writing he draws on all his experiences to bring his stories to life.

This goes for all I us. In order to write you need to experience.

Enjoy the chat!

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