Hobby Is A Dirty Word

Feb 4, 2016Books, Inspiration, Writing

Yesterday, I had a bit of a moment. My so-called hobby was challenged.


Over the past few months I have steadily been building up momentum as an author.

I set up a website. I have had my book edited, I have had a cover designed. I have absorbed oceans of tips on the subject of publishing and writing. I started blogging and being open about my writing journey. I’ve written about what I am encountering and going through as I try to finish my first novel.

I have worked hard. I have networked. I have found like-minded people. First-time authors also struggling to put their work out into the world. Published authors who have lost their way and who are rediscovering their craft through Indie publishing.

Even with all the information I have I am still unsure about which path to follow: indie or traditional.

Very soon I will have to make that decision.

It has certainly been a mental trial, an exercise in staying power and perseverance.

I haven’t seen the glow at the end of the tunnel but I know it’s out there. To be truthful, I’m actually not even sure if I’m in the right tunnel. It doesn’t matter, I know I am doing the right thing.

I am not concerned. I am convinced that if I work at it every day and keep moving I will get there.

Wherever there is.

Hello there, are you out there?

Yesterday I had a chat with an advisor about setting up a business.

This is something I seriously have to consider doing. If I decide to indie publish I will have to set up my own publishing company.

She tried to get me to consider my options and open my horizons. I was encouraged to look at using my wealth of knowledge in theatre to become an adviser. It is not a bad idea in itself. I am sure I can teach people a great deal from my own experiences in theatre.

I have worked in three countries. In each one I have run the technical side of a theatre. I have been a lighting designer. At one stage I even earned a decent living doing it.

And then I had to think.

Years ago I decided to do something else.

Yesterday when I mentioned that I was busy with the book she brushed it off as a hobby.

If there was ever a dirty word for me then it is that word: hobby.

Writing is not a hobby. Composing and performing songs is not a hobby. Or is it? It definitely isn’t a hobby to me. If every artist that ever existed was encouraged to get a real job, and not pursue their passion, the world would be a much poorer place.

If all artists believed what they were doing was just a hobby, then where would we be?

I believe I can serve the world better with my words than with my theatre experience.

The theatre has so many experts. People who know far more than I do, people who are passionate about what they are doing. Don’t get me wrong. I love the theatre. I also enjoyed working in the theatre and I will never stray far from one.

But I want to be the one creating stories which maybe one day will be performed in theatres. I don’t want to just be the technician who makes it look good. I could do that, but then I feel I would be squandering my talents.

It’s out of my control. It’s more than a desire. It’s not what I want, it’s what I feel I must do.

It’s not just a hobby.


Are you succeeding at your hobby?


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