Going In Search Of Wonder Woman

Jun 23, 2017Inspiration, Research, Reviews, Writing

For Father’s Day I wanted to do something with my kids. I decided to go to a movie.

I wanted to see a specific movie which I had heard had touched people.

We went to see Wonder Woman.

The Cinema

We went to what I consider Amsterdam’s best cinema. It is a masterpiece called Tuschinski.

If there was ever a cathedral built for cinema, this has to be the place.

Cinema number one is decked out in the most ornate surroundings. With its overstated Art Deco design you feel like you are stepping back in time.

It is a wonderful place. I good place to see something timeless.

Meeting Miss Wonder

The film was not without its flaws, but the lead character carries it above and beyond the story.

Wonder Woman is wondrous.

Much of it is because of Gal Gadot. She lives and breathes the character and is truly an amazing bit of casting. A pity they didn’t pay her more for her work.

I am trying to write a similar character–a witch called Anaïs Blue. She is not perfect, she is a novice. She is of this world, and yet not. She has to work out how to achieve goodness in the face of evil.

And evil has many faces.

Good only has one face and that is purity of mind and deed. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman personifies this.

I went to the film with my daughter, a six-year-old, and my son who is nine. You may think they are too young for something like this, but although the movies depicts the horror of war, it does not do it with mountains of blood and gore.

They both loved the film but experienced it in different ways.

My son saw and sensed the evil coming when I did not. For parts of the film he hid under my arm. He is sensitive to anything like that.

My daughter was totally enthralled and ended up standing, hanging over the seat in front of us, and feeding a constant flow of popcorn into her mouth.

Strength of Character

Reviewers have said people were drawn to tears whilst watching the film. I was too.

I have to ask myself why?

It occurred in the battle scenes. The horrors of war were brought home I suppose. Something which continues to rage on around the world today.

But i think, most of all, it was a character going up against insurmountable odds with no fear. She doesn’t attack, she defends. With her shield and armbands she deflects the onslaught.

She takes the full brunt of the attacks alone. The shots of her bracing herself against it all is powerful. Her sense of good overcomes it all.

A Child's Point of View

As a storyteller the theme of the film jumped out at me. There is one line in the movie which summed it up. It sprang out at me because for some reason it was so obvious: only love will save the world.

I asked my children after the film what they thought it was about.

My son refused to tell me. He didn’t want to be reminded of the experience. Not that he didn’t like the film. I think it had touched him in a way he couldn’t explain.

My daughter did have an answer, however. It took her a moment to think about it. Her response was: “love conquers evil”.

How is it that a six-year-old can understand this concept? And where did she learn the word conquer?

I was astounded.

A Child's Point of View

Perhaps my daughter knew because it is the most basic of all themes. It was also the thing that made Wonder Woman stand out against all the other superheroes that have filled the screen in recent years.

All the rest of them are self-obsessed.

Most of them carry around some kind of baggage which drives them to do what they feel that have to do. Wonder Woman was not doing it for herself, she was doing it for the greater good.

She teaches us that to achieve anything of worth we need to set ourselves to one side. We, as individuals, are not important.

We need to reach deep and find our core value as humanity–the thing with sets us apart from gods.

The capacity to love.

Have you been inspired by anything lately?


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